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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas’ Subtle Threat- She’s His Or No One Else’s.

Thomas Forrester is soon going to be very deep down in his obsession rabbit hole.

He will want Hope Logan all to himself and the fact that she is married won’t help.

At the same time, we will also witness Hope not being too stern or strict on Thomas.

Hope keeps on forgiving Thomas for all the little and big mistakes he repeatedly makes.

And that will make Thomas feel like he can do whatever he can.

Hence, Thomas may even get to the point of harming Liam Spencer.

Anyway, we know that Thomas’ secret is not going to stay under wraps for too long.

Soon in The Bold and The Beautiful, we will apparently witness Ridge Forrester revealing what he heard in the CPS call.

Ridge is certainly not going to reveal he heard the call himself, but he will reveal that he knows Brooke called CPS on Thomas.

So with so much going on, Hope is going to not like what her mother did as well.

In the process, she may get a little close to Thomas.

Without a warning, Thomas is going to strike back soon.

He may threaten Hope that he loves her and she can’t be with Liam, because they are the ones who are meant to be.

With that in mind, we may find Thomas claiming that Liam should be out of the picture and Hope should live with Thomas and Douglas Forrester happily ever after.

And he will make sure that happens by hook or by crook.

Because Hope is the only one for him and if he doesn’t get her then no one deserves her.

That is certainly a spook situation for Hope, and she needs to handle it well.

Moving on, Thomas may not be so direct into telling Hope that he has no intention of letting her choose her own destiny or love or even family.

But whatever and however it is, Hope will understand that her life is in danger.

But as always, if Thomas tells her that he made an impulsive mistake and spoke things he had never even thought of.

Will Hope give Thomas a pass on it as well?

We know that Hope is sensitive when it comes to Thomas.

So, might it be possible that Hope helps to dig her own grave?

Let us know what you think down in the comments section.

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