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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Tridge’s Wedding Becomes Whole Lot Crazier- Douglas Brings Brooke For Objection.

Douglas Forrester is adamant about not letting the voice changer app evidence be deleted.

He is also refusing to obey what his father tells him to do, and the kid is ready to riot.

So, it seems that Thomas’ worst nightmares is about to come true.

Douglas Slams Thomas.

Knowing Thomas, he might probably try to scare or even trap Douglas until the wedding is over.

Whatever happens after, he will deal with it later, but in the meantime, the most crucial moment is his parents having a nice wedding, and he won’t let his son ruin it.

But, whether or not Thomas traps his son somewhere, we are certain the little kid will find his way to the altar.

And he may bring a surprise guest with himself right on time.

That being said, it is possible that Douglas finds his way to Brooke Logan somehow.

Maybe he asks his mom, Hope Logan for help or he finds a phone and gives Brooke a call; whatever happens, Douglas may think she has the right to know the real deed.

After Douglas started phasing Liam Spencer to of his life fans had been quite disappointed in him.

But at the end, he seems to be roving that he was raised by Hope, and he will not be like his father.

Whatever the case, Douglas may find his way to Brooke and play the audio to Brooke and perhaps Hope.

Then, Brooke is certainly going to want to stop the wedding, and reveal Thomas’ truth before Ridge makes his final decision.

Hence, right when the minister says if anybody objects to the wedding, speak now or forever hold your peace, Douglas may arrive to object with Brooke right behind him.

Quite dramatic I know, but there is nothing that hasn’t happened in The Bold and The Beautiful that fans haven’t seen.

Especially at a wedding, I mean, remember how Paris Buckingham and Carter Walton’s wedding went?

Tridge’s wedding is certainly going to be a lot more crazier.

So, do you think it is possible for Douglas makes it right in time for Brooke so that she can choose and make her destiny once more?

It certainly is possible.

And Thomas would go out of his mind to see that his son did betray hi at the end.

I do feel bad for Taylor Hayes tough.

She’s like the scapegoat, she deserves better.

Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section.

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