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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Tridge’s Wedding Plans Comes To Questions- Steffy Finds Frustrating Enraging Detail.

Steffy Forrester might not be someone who involves in heinous crimes such as using the voice changer app to call CPS on herself.

But she certainly is a woman who will be a part of the scheme.

Meaning, if Steffy Forrester were in a thriller movie, she would be the one to pay people to get their hands dirty to do her work.

And thanks to Thomas Forrester, she didn’t even have to be a part of a scheme to take Brooke out of Rudge Forrester’s life.

But now that Taylor Hayes and Ridge are planning their wedding, it is for sure that  something id bound to go wrong.

With that being said, we think  Steffy will discover some information regarding what actually happened with the CPS call.

She may find out that Thomas used Douglas Forrester’s app to call the cops on himself and frame his step mother.

Steffy is certainly going to be angry at Thomas for playing such a trick.

But she certainly can’t risk Taylor and Ridge’s future.

So she may think it is for the best if they keep this a secret.

Steffy’s Mistake.

Moving forward, we may witness that Steffy makes a pact with Thomas to not reveal his secret.

Besidesm the call has not been a fuss anyway.

And if they talk about it, it will onlycome to light then, and Ridge’s feelings will become conflicted for no reason at all.

So, with that in mind, we may witness Steffy getting on her brother’s side.

She certainly will wish for the wedding to go smoothly.

She too has always wanted Brooke out of her father’s life and now that has finally happened without a fuss.

She wuln’t want to ruin it.

But we also know that Steffy is not as sinister as Thomas.

She may use dirty tricks sometimes but she knows Thomas’ obsession will bring more damage than Rudge’s conflicted feelings.

however, for the time being, she will certainly be frustrated over the fact that Thomas’ secret might come out anytime.

And given the history of Tridge’s wedding or any wedding in LA for instance, they never finish off well.

So, she may stress out that Taylor will be left along at the altar again if Ridge figures out Thomas’ manipulation.

But will Steffy be able to bring the situation in control before anything bad happens?

Or will she regret it later?

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