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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Why Eric Can’t Be Blamed For Hooking Up Quinn With Carter.

Today, we got some critical talking to do regarding Eric Forrester and Quinn Fuller’s relationship. As many fans saw, Eric had planned a romantic night for his wife with Carter Walton. And, the fans hated the idea that Eric gave his wife to another man.

However, we will be discussing some things about how we can’t entirely blame Eric. But before we dive deeper, did you also hate Eric for coming up with such an unconventional plan? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

Quarter’s Story.

Starting from way back when Queric’s relationship was slowly dying, no one knew Eric had erectile dysfunction. And, Quinn felt as if her husband didn’t love her or wanted to make love with her.

Likewise, Quinn found someone similar at Forrester Creations. And, that person was none other than Carter whose girlfriend was doing the same thing to him. Moreover, Zoe Buckingham had her eyes for Zende Forrester despite being married to Carter.

In addition, the two slowly got closer and started sharing their feelings. And eventually, the two ended up in the same bed after getting attracted to each other.

Nevertheless, the fact that they were still together with their own partners made it illegal. Hence, Brooke Logan busted the truth and broke Quarter. Moreover, Zoe dumped Carter while Eric kicked Quinn out.

Eric Doesn’t Want It Either.

Although Eric thought Quarter had been broken, the two had still been going on. And after Quinn returned, he found out the truth. Also, his reaction was very different from what fans had anticipated.

While fans had thought Eric would probably kick Quinn out, he felt insecure instead and came up with a plan. And, the plan was that if he can’t satisfy his woman, he will let the guy she cheated with do so.

Likewise, the fans have been hating Eric for his idea. But, can we take a moment and focus on the bigger picture? Eric is disgusting for letting another man satisfy his wife. But, what better option does he have if his wife is the one who cares about sex more?

Many fans think that Eric was wrong to assume Quinn only cared about so-called passion. No, it’s not Eric who thought that willingly. It was Quinn who put that idea in his head by sleeping with someone else.

Instead of focusing on all the aspects of marriage, all Quinn cared about was Carter’s hot body. But Eric still loves her and wants to keep her. So, his will of making Quinn happy gave him a crappy idea.

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