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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Will Taylor Buy A To Make Ridge Stay- Desperate Last Resort?

I agree that what Taylor Hayes did back in the day to give her daughter a child was innocent.

A lot of people involve in privet adoptions and she was ready to pay any price for Steffy Forrester’s heartbreak to settle down a little.

Given that, Taylor only wanted the best for her child so she bought a baby from Reese Buckingham.

But who would know that Reese would switch Hope Logan’s baby with a dead one and then give that baby to Steffy instead.

But we also know that Taylor is obsessed with Ridge Forrester.

You know, Taylor tried to do the right thing she ran away.

But anyone who has some kind of attachment to any other person knows that it is not that simple.

So right when Taylor made the decision Ridge came to beg for her and finally she broke down.

So it seems like Taylor is about to break now.

After Thomas Forrester’s secret comes to light we may see Taylor spirialing down a dangerous road following her exit.

So, might Taylor once again try to buy a baby so that she can keep Ridge with herself?

She can always fake a pregnancy so maybe it starts from there.

Or perhaps Taylor gets pregnant for real, who knows?

Taylor Spirals.

Regardless, if she does get pregnant, maybe Taylor will lose her child which will devastate her even more.

And that being said, she may resort into buying a new baby so that she can keep Ridge with herself and claim that it is her child.

If course, Taylor may even start believing for real that the child she adopted is actually her’s and Ridge’s.

A lot of trauma and mental pressure at once can make people delusional.

Whatever the case, Ridge might really have a big price to pay for a foolish step in Aspen.

If he had just tried to figure out why Brooke lied to him or called the CPS, he would uncover the truth.

But instead, because of his stupid little mistake, we might see Taylor falling down in a deep rabbit hole that she absolutely does not want to be in.

But, do you think it is possible for another baby drama following Taylor and Ridge?

B&Bdoes know how to project grief well, so who knows, that might be in store for us.

Anyway, let us know what you think down in the comments section.

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