The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Wood Hints On Steffy And Bill’s Fling Returning?

Today, we have got an interesting topic for The Bold and The Beautiful fans. As we know, Steffy Forrester does have a history with Bill Spencer. And according to actress Jacqueline Maclness Wood, Steffy is perfect for Bill.

So, does this mean there’s a chance Steffy and Bill could mingle soon? Anyway, many fans would love the return of Still. Perhaps things could actually work out between the two as their own relationships haven’t been going well.

So without further ado, let’s get right into the spoilers!

Steffy Is The One?

As we know, Katie Logan is abandoning Bill because he’s never committed. And, Wood mentions Steffy might be the one who could tame Bill. So, how could the two find their way back?

Wood also mentioned how Steffy hooked up with Bill when she was first introduced. And, actor Don Diamont also agrees fans still continue to ask for their return.

Nevertheless, Bill is a powerful man who always surrounds himself with a wall. Hence, most people are scared to speak out their feelings. But, Wood mentions Steffy isn’t one of them.

Moreover, Steffy can push Bill and deal with his anger. And when required, she can also see the other side of Bill that not many people get to see. So, what are the chances Bill and Steffy could hook up again?

Still’s Possibilities.

Steffy has been quite busy the past month as her nightmare of Sheila Carter turned real. And, the villain has been trying to steal away her husband, John Finnegan. Also, if Steffy doesn’t stay cautious, Sheila could also steal her baby, Hayes Finnegan.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean Steffy doesn’t have any time to check out on Bill. She could encounter Bill lamenting how he couldn’t save his relationship. And, she could lend a shoulder to rely on.

Likewise, Steffy could also talk about her problems and bond with Bill. And, it won’t be long before the two take their friendship to the next level.

If you don’t know, there is also a book entitled “Forbidden Affair” revolving around Steffy and Bill’s romance. Well, it’s possible their fling returns and rocks the show once again.

So, would you like to see Bill and Steffy reunite and rekindle their flame? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

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