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The Bold and The Beautiful Weekly Preview: Exciting News, Sinister Plots, and Harsh Reality.

According to the preview, the week of November 7-11 will be a rollercoaster ride.

To start with, on Monday, we already saw Deacon Sharpe and Sheila Carter having the night of their dreams.

Nit to mention Thomas Forrester making a move on Hope Logan and thinking he would score.

But this should be the least of Hope’s worries.

Because as the week moves forward, Thomas’ sinister obsession grows even deeper.

As for Bill Spencer, he is going to keep on pestering Brooke Logan until she finally sees that he is the one for her.

Yet, Brooke will still keep on dreaming of a reunion until she gets a reality check as Carter Walton walks in with the annulment papers.

That being said, Brooke is not going to give up this easy though.

She will fry her brains out until she catches Hope off guard with one of her theories.

Now since Ridge is refusing to let Brooke know what is wrong, she is going to figure it out on her own.

Sinster Plots.

As awkward as it gets, Thomas and Hope will keep on seeing each other at Forrester Creations and even in Forrester Mansion because Douglas Forrester lives there.

Hope may try to block her feelings and Thomas’ lips with her hands, but it is the truth that she’s been growing close to Thomas, and she feels some kind of connection.

While Liam Spencer tries to make everything right, we will see Thomas’ fantasies growing even more.

He will start believing that there is a future with Hope and he just needs to figure it out.

As week goes by, Ridge will fill his kids in with the annulment news.

And they will be happy like they’ve never seen the face of happiness in their lives.

Yet, he will not be down with Brooke just yet.

So we wonder what more Thomas has in store for Brooke, hasn’t he done enough by ruining her marriage?

But, he will want to make sure that Brooke stays out of Ridge and Taylor’s life, so perhaps we will see another voice changer app foul play.

As Thomas deeps his manipulation game, Sheila will have to face another reality of her own.

She needs to know that she doesn’t have a life anymore if she insists on being with John Finnegan.

But for the time being, she will stay outside the loop.

Anyway, let us know what you think down in the comments section.

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