The Bold and The Beautiful Weekly Spoilers: Deacon Helps Sinn Search For Sheila-Liam's Troublesome Settlement.

The Bold and The Beautiful Weekly Spoilers: Deacon Helps Sinn Search For Sheila-Liam’s Troublesome Settlement.

After the recent drama in The Bold and The Beautiful, fans are curious about the upcoming week.

Further, spoilers for the week of December 12-16 promise huge storylines regarding Sheila Carter.

Because John Finnegan seems reluctant to catch his evil mother without any plan about what he’ll do afterward.

Just as Eric Forrester shows tough love to his son Ridge Forrester, Taylor Hayes and Brooke Logan will also talk some things out.

Speaking of which, Hope Logan could also end up crossing paths with Steffy Forrester.

So without further ado, let’s see what we have in the store today, shall we?


Monday, December 12

Initially, Sinn will keep searching for the well-renowned villain, who’s escaped from prison no matter how many times she gets caught.

But certainly, they don’t have any idea of what they’ll do next once they really find Sheila.

Tuesday, December 13

Meanwhile, Deacon Sharpe will also be on the search for Sheila, with Sinn. In his heart he certainly wants her to be safe.
But he has to lie I order to prove his innocence, plus he has no idea where she is anymore.

Not to mention, Sheila will once again be on the run for all the crimes she’s committed, such as attempting to kill her own daughter-in-law.

On the other hand, Hope will encourage her mother to open her heart to more romance possibilities.

Wednesday, December 14

Likewise, Taylor will take a moment to figure out her part in everything that’s happened recently.

That is, she will wonder whether she was one of the reasons that pushed Thomas Forrester to choose an evil path.

Whereas Eric will have a father-son bonding moment with Ridge.

Thursday, December 15

Nevertheless, Liam Spencer will try to fix things between his wife, Hope, and ex-lover, Steffy.

Perhaps the two can finally find a common ground to settle now that Brooke’s name has been cleared.

Talking about Brooke and Taylor, both of them have tasted betrayal from Ridge.

So, it would be really amusing to see them keep Ridge out of their lives.

Friday, December 16

Also, let’s not forget Bill Spencer, who’s really obsessed with winning back Katie Logan.

In fact, the guy seems to be formulating a new plan, a devious one.

And talking about the devious spoilers also suggest shocking news about Sheila’s ending.

So, what do you think that might be?

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