What We Know About Drake’s Certified Lover Album & New Leaked Song.

Over the 12 years span of Drake’s career, there’s not a single song he hasn’t amused his fans of. Similarly, he might as well have the most unreleased songs leak in history.

What We Know About Drake's Certified Lover Album & New Leaked Song.
Caption: (Drake’s ) Aubrey Drake Graham is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur.

Since his first unreleased leak until today, he has every kind of dope unreleased music dropping. Anyway, so just a little while ago the song “What A Time To Be A Slime” started taking over the internet. And as it seemed the song featuring Young Thug was unfinished as well.

However, the song will most likely be released on Certified Lover Boy or Young Thug’s album. Additionally, to our amusement just a couple of days ago a song named What’s Next surfaced online. That song had the same words from the above-mentioned collaboration. 

So, it’s quite hard to determine something exclusively right now. 

Certified Lover Boy Release Date Confirmed?

What We Know About Drake's Certified Lover Album & New Leaked Song.
Caption: Drake’s album Certified Lover Boy that you wouldn’t wanna miss.

February has come to an end and now we are in early March. Yet, Drake says nothing about his upcoming album. Sadly, we would be bopping our heads right now and seeing Certified Lover Boy top charts. But, the January release got halted, and ever since we’re just waiting impatiently for the album to drop.

So maybe What’s Next, the unreleased song is a way to remind us that Drake is working really hard for his fans?

But you know there are many artists whose unreleased songs are so bop people want it to be original but the artists never really release it? The artists that fall in my category of the best-unreleased song are Lana Del Ray and Aurora.

So Drake might never really release this yet-to-be-released song, who knows. He’s the kind in that category anyway.

Also, we have no idea when Drake makes up his mind on releasing the sixth album.

But what we do know is that we will inform you of updates and news on Certified Lover Boy asap.

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