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When Calls The Heart: Casts Pay Tribute To Makeup Department Head, Jo Kinchella.

When Calls The Heart family is sorrowful to have lost one of their most beloved cast members. Joanne Kinchella was the makeup department head who recently passed away. Although the reason for her death hasn’t been confirmed, the show’s stars have been sharing their tributes on social media.

Likewise, this is a really hard time for all the Hearties. And before we dive deeper, do you have anything to say about Kinchella’s death? Share with us down in the comment section as we all are part of the big family.

Krakow Heartbroken.

Starting with the fan-favorite actress, Erin Krakow paid her tribute on Instagram. Moreover, she mentioned that Jo was a friend to all as well as a very talented makeup artist. Also, she added how soulful and silly Kinchella was.

Nevertheless, Kinchella cared extremely about both her family and the film family. Also, Krakow tagged Pascale Hutton with whom she got the opportunity to visit Jo in her final days. And, she mentioned how Jo made them laugh and reminisce about the good old days.

In addition, Hutton also commented that she was grateful for all the times with Jo. Moreover, she also said that Jo would always be part of the When Calls The Heart family with a heart emoji.

Also, this isn’t the first time Kinchella has been praised by the stars. Krakow had shared that Jo was a kind heart and had the most selfless attitude back in 2017.

Likewise, makeup artist Denean Dale had also shared how Kinchella made Hutton look so stunning the same year. Also, she called Jo “boss” admitting how talented she was.

Nonetheless, actress Andrea Brooks also paid her tribute to Jo by sharing the same picture. And, she also captioned “Rest in peace dead Jo”.

Young Loss.

Also, fans might still remember losing Logan Williams who passed away in April 2020. Moreover, an accidental fentanyl overdose took the cast’s life just days before he was about to turn 17.

Williams had appeared on the episode entitled “The Flash” as Miles Montgomery. And, the cast members were devastated to lose such a young talent.

Furthermore, Krakow also shared how heartbroken she felt over William’s death. Also, she praised the star for being silly and talented. And, it’s painful how William had to lose the bright future in front of him.

Hearties, stay strong and keep on sharing your love and prayers. Take care.

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