When Calls The Heart: Elizabeth Demands Answers.

When Calls The Heart: Elizabeth Demands Answers.

There’s so much coming in the ninth episode of When Calls The Heart. And it seems the fans will also find out the answers they’re looking for.

The spoilers indicate that Elizabeth Thronon has had enough and now she is pressing for answers bout Fort Clay. Liz is astounded to find out that Nathan Grant was at Fort Clay the time her late husband Jack Throbnton was.

After a small chat with Minne Candfiled, Elizabeth realizes she has to push Nathan for the details.

But Nathan isn’t giving out the secrets soon.

Previously, Elizabeth was seen trying her best to teach Angela Canfield with the sources she found. She’s so immersed in trying to teach Angela that she’s trying her best to study braille herself.

But everything aside, will Liz remain the same after what Nathan says destroys her?

I mean this isn’t the only thing she needs to tackle.

Of course, Liz loves Allie Grant so Lucas Bouchard will try to befriend Nathan for Allie and Elizabeth’s sake.

However, Nathan might not settle ion for that.

Anyway, so the main point is, when Nathan gives her some deets there’s an obvious facial expression on her.

Likewise, we see Elizabeth’s jaw drop in worry and shock. She can’t fathom what she just heard.

What might it be?

What is it that Nathan says that will certainly break Elizabeth?

Are you ready to find the answer?

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