When Calls The Heart: Fans Hate On Elizabeth's Decision - Creator Unfolds!

When Calls The Heart: Fans Hate On Elizabeth’s Decision – Creator Unfolds!

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So When Calls The Heart season 8 has ended and so has Hope Valley’s love triangle. Elizabeth Thornton finally got out of the dilemma she had been in for more than two seasons. After choosing Lucas Bouchard over Nathan Grant, Elizabeth made her decision.

However, many fans are against Elizabeth’s decision, especially team Nathan. Although Team Lucas is happier than ever right now, the other fans didn’t like the season finale. And, today we will be talking about what the fans have been saying on social media while the team replies to them.

Let us know if you were happy with Elizabeth’s decision or you preferred her being with Nathan instead.

Fans’ Hate Comments Towards The Show & Casts.

Starting from the fans’ tweet, one fan mentioned how the show has been dishonoring the book of Janette Oke it was based on by going off its track. The fan was completely against the show. However, creator Brian Bird mentioned Janette always got a preview of their plans, and she was always in favor of Hallmark’s unpredictable storylines. Hence, it wasn’t dishonoring, and was okay to do so.

Nevertheless, another fan commented if many casts regret their judgment/decision after the backlash from the community. And, Bird replied there hasn’t been an ounce of regret from any of the casts. Moreover, everyone believes this was right for the show to move on.

Creator Bird Shares The Reason Behind Elizabeth’s Decision.

Likewise, Bird also uploaded a post on Instagram with a really long caption considering the feelings of the fans. However, for your convenience, I’ll summarize the long paragraph.

The caption was mainly focused on what fans thought about Elizabeth’s choice being “riskier”. And, Bird was being considerate as he mentioned that they cared about the fans’ feelings “- good, bad, or ambivalent”.

Meanwhile, Bird mentioned that choosing Lucas was right for the show to continue itself. As Jack and Nathan were both Mounties, the show would repeat itself if Elizabeth chose Nathan. And, that wouldn’t be good for the show because it couldn’t top the show’s previous seasons.

Nevertheless, Nathan also has his own story that will go on in Hope Valley. But Lucas has many things that are yet to be discovered.

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