When Calls The Heart: Lori Laughlin UPDATE

When Calls The Heart: Lori Laughlin is Making Her Return.

Guess What When Calls The Heart Fans? We have some proof that points that Lori Laughlin is back at WCTH as Abigail.

What’s that? You don’t believe me? Okay then, let’s talk about it. We’ve recently received news stating that the federal judge has issued a letter.

Which says that Lori can leave the States to Canada for filming an unnamed project. This makes us believe that the unnamed project is When Calls the Heart.

And if not, she will at least make an appearance or two. The judge’s issue reads that Lori is free to travel to an unnamed place in Canada. But, she is on supervised release for two years.

Meaning, she needs to get permission from her probation officer before she leaves Southern California. Although, I have to say that Lori is a terrific actress.

And seeing her back in When Calls The Heart will be a dream come true. But, her sentence was quite short. And I apologize if I’ve offended someone but she did make some bad choices that she needed to pay for.

We just hope that she doesn’t make similar kinds of mistakes again.

Anyway so, the order states that she’s permitted to travel to an unnamed location in Canada for an unnamed shooting only for a week.

As for season 9 of When Calls The Heart, the filming started in July and the production and post-production are in process. If everything goes smoothly, then we will have 12 episodes of When Calls The Heart season 9 in early 2022.

Nathan’s Early Look.

As for Nathan Grant, I was Team Nathan, but he didn’t get the girl. But, the new season will feature more of mountie Nathan with Allie. And maybe, just to hope, Nathan finds a better love.

I have to wear down my burning heart as Elizabeth rejected Nathan. So, Nathan was too good for you anyway Liz.

Jokes aside, a sneak peek for season nine shows an early release of a picture of Nathan. And he looks dashing with his suspenders, semi-long hair, and a lot of handsomeness.

With that being said, who would you want a new love for Nathan to be? Honestly, I still ship him with Elizabeth and his love wounds are still fresh.

So, maybe some miracle happens and Elizabeth leaves Lucas Grant to be with Nathan? Okay, okay, I’ll stop my daydream. Let me know down in the comments about your expectations from the upcoming season.

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