When Calls The Heart: Lucas Bonds Deeper With Elizabeth.

The last few episodes for Team Lucas are a slumber party. ANd the more time passes the more Lucas Bouchard is bonding with Elizabeth Thronton.

Likewise, the last episode yes the eighth episode had Lucas inviting Elizabeth to his private office.

His office had so many details and a fan noticed the greatest of them all.

The Twitter fan wrote,

“Something else I find interesting about these photos that Parade released they were kept under deep secrecy before their release today.”

Likewise, “They weren’t even on the Crown Media Press site. I wonder if this is an important/key scene for them. “#LucaBeth is in love.”

Likewise, another fan wrote,

“And she’s looking at his pictures and things. A glimpse into his life!”

While things are still no confirmed who Elizabeth will choose in the end. It seems the answer is Lucas.

Lucas For The Win?

Because the creators might try to fool the fans with some evidence but with what we are receiving it seems Lucas is a clear choice.

This season is coming to an end and things are getting spicier.

There’s so much left to see but in such a little time.

Likewise, Chris McNally once mentioned in an interview,

“This season has much higher stakes. It’s a very, a roller coaster of a season… It just keeps evolving and becoming more and more intense.”

With that being said, I have nothing to rule out. Personally, it seems Lucas is the end game.

But maybe the creators will change their minds later?

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